A Mending Shift

a bird sings, not because if has an answer to give, but because it has a song to sing … this is my song

When a Building Becomes an Injustice

| November 3, 2008

Share I was just looking over a Christian relief organizations holiday “catalog” of how you and I can participate in helping those in the Third-World. Something really stuck me when I saw the below cost breakdown: $100 – One Emergency Shelter $750 – One Well $7,500 – One House $20,000 – One School $25,000 – [...]

Same-Sex Marriage, Prop 8, and Jesus’ Words

| October 21, 2008

Share I am amazed. Since California legalized same-sex marriages in May, 2008 and an estimated 22,000 people of the same sex have wed…our social world and order hasn’t collapsed or fallen apart, as some feared it would. In fact, I have hardly noticed any difference in life at all, except the amount of money and [...]

The New Modern Translation of John 3:16 and 17

| September 5, 2008

Share“For God so loved the world some of the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes [the way I do] in him shall not perish burn forever in Hell but have eternal life live forever in Heaven. For God did not send his Son into the world to earth to [...]

What’s the Worth of a Heavenly Earth?

| July 10, 2008

Share If heaven was God being fully present with us here on earth, like in the garden, with a restored earth and heavens, would we still desire it? or not? In other words, if eternity was spent with God on earth, and not a distant, other-dimensional, ethereal “heavenly” place somewhere out there beyond the blue, [...]

The Wall Between “Them” and “Us”

| June 23, 2008

Share This reminded me of a conversation I was having with myself (I have those often) on my way home from work. You see, a co-worker asked if I went to church and I said, “Well, kinda, but not in the way you might think,” and they began “apologizing” for the way they had been [...]

The Unifying Factor

| May 13, 2008

Share Jesus said that we’d be known as his followers by our love (John 13). He also prayed that his followers would be united in love so that the world would see that God loves them as he loves his son, Jesus (John 17). I knew this about Jesus’ words, but as I was reading [...]

Mistaken Identity

| April 27, 2008

Share I am often asked, by other Christians, “What church do you go to?” or “Where do you go to church?” This is, with regularity, followed by them saying, “Oh, I go to such-and-such church.” Another common question I get asked usually refers to the quality of the church I just went to, “How was [...]

What’s a Cohort?

| April 11, 2008

ShareGood Question.  Watch this video: For an Emergent Cohort near you, go here.

A Safe Place to Experiment —Revolutionaries Synchroblog

| April 6, 2008

Share From Glenn Hager: Some of you know that I am trying to shape a ministry that would come along side these pioneers and revolutionaries and help them through the transition. This desire has grown out of my own experience of being a pastor for over twenty years, struggling find my place, and eventually, losing [...]

God’s Truth and Our “Truth”—Two Perceptions

| March 27, 2008

ShareWith this post I wanted to compare and contrast two views, or perceptions, of Christian truth. Perception one views God’s truth as narrower, with their personal truth and belief lining-up closely with God’s truth; thus “orthodox”. To the varying degrees that everyone else’s beliefs stray from “orthodox” belief, the closer they get to unorthodoxy (heresy) [...]

If You Love the Church…

| March 11, 2008

Share. . . as I do, then read my friend Jonathan who put words to how I feel about the church.  I could not have said it better.  Thanks brother!

God is Not a Balanced God, Quite the Opposite

| March 10, 2008

Share God seems anything but balanced. At least that is what Jesus seemed to think and teach. I hear this often (or along these lines): “I know God is love, but you can’t sway too far to that side—you have to keep him in balance.” Most of us want a God who is balanced. One [...]

Fasting from the Lord’s Supper…

| March 6, 2008

Share For me, this is one of the more personal blogs I have written. In fact, it has sat in my “drafts” folder for quite some time and even now I hesitate posting it. What makes it so personal is the fact that this has been an internal struggle of mine for a while and [...]

One Line #9

| March 5, 2008

Share Jesus is not limited to—or by—Christianity.

What if the Church Was Invisible?

| March 3, 2008

Share What if we, as the church, were invisible? What if we had no church buildings? No signs declaring a church location? No denominations or headquarters? No mega weekend gatherings? No Christian radio presence? No Christian stores? No Christian bumper stickers or other outward personal identifying stuff? What if the Yellow Pages didn’t have a [...]

A Story of Windows and Reality

| February 27, 2008

Share Suppose I live in one room of a house my entire life. I never leave this room and this room has only one window looking outside. To me, this window-view of the outside world—the trees, the hills, the sky—is the only view. To me, this is what the outside world looks like: what I [...]

The American Temple

| February 22, 2008

Share On a jagged hill sprouting life, his followers stood around him remembering his life and brooding over his death. This man from Nazareth was the freshest breeze their bodies and souls had ever inhaled. They had experienced his love and grace in such a strikingly personal way that the whole of their lives had [...]

The American Temple – The Poem

| February 21, 2008

Share Here is a poem I wrote: Blood drips on the ground silently. Onlookers cringe at the view. Coins spill in the ground wastefully as Christians market something new. Believers look on, appraising without a plea; covering our Savior in solid gold. What a sell —Resounds the shout of hell— What a sell!

Going to Church to Avoid Being the Church

| February 13, 2008

Share Church. Interesting word. To some it is a place to go. To some it is a place to avoid. To others it is an identity; a people to be. To Paul and Jesus, it seemed to be the latter. Paul wrote to the church in such-and-such city (hardly one building) and Jesus called his [...]

The Bible…Fiction?

| January 14, 2008

Share Picture this: 4,000 years from today archeologists stumble upon a chest of Lord of the Rings collectables. They find books and figures and shirts and the extended edition movies, just to name a few items. Based on their find, they determine that Middle Earth existed 4,000 years ago and it was populated with trolls, [...]