A Mending Shift

a bird sings, not because if has an answer to give, but because it has a song to sing … this is my song

What’s Worse?

| August 9, 2009

Share What’s worse? For a child to go un-adopted and grow up in “the system” without a loving home, bouncing from group home to group home, or be adopted by two loving, monogamous parents who provide a stable, caring home, yet both are the same gender/sex? Put it another way. What’s worse? For a child [...]

“Gay Marriage Will Destroy My Religion”

| March 9, 2009

Share At least that is what one lady said and probably many more believe. Let me start with some background. In California, the battle over same-sex marriage is still being fought. Last November, Prop 8 was put on the ballet to overturn an earlier court decision to allow same-sex marriages in California. After the state-wide [...]

Why I’m Not President…

| January 29, 2009


Questions People Who Want to Make Abortion Illegal Need to Wrestle With

| January 26, 2009

Share An insightful and thought provoking question: If abortion was illegal, what should be done with the women who have illegal abortions? (Here is a video interview of some being asked this question). Another one (This one is mine, in regards to the poverty/abortion link*): If abortion was illegal, what would you personally do to [...]

Best Line of the Week

| January 21, 2009

Share Not sure where I read this, but I thought it was perfect. It went something like this: Everyone in America: Remember, Obama is neither the Messiah nor the Anti-Christ. He’s a man.

Obama’s Venti Triple-Shot Latte Inaugural Speech

| January 20, 2009

Share Why did Obama have such an impact on the younger generation? Our generation? Perhaps a big part of it is because his speech writer is 27 years old and writes his speeches at Starbucks. How cool is that? Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. “Jon Favreau, 27, is, as Obama himself puts it, the president’s mind reader. [...]

Blogging Out Peace and Hope in Gaza

| January 20, 2009

Share For the past year, two men — one Israeli, one Palestinian — have been blogging about their lives on opposite sides of the Israeli-Gaza border. One goes by the screen-name Hope Man (Israeli Eric Yellin), and the other, Peace Man (Palestinian — name not given for safety concerns). They purposely share the same blog. [...]

Dear California Tax Franchise Board, Here’s My IOU

| January 15, 2009

Share So if you live in California I am sure you have heard the talk that California might have to issue IOUs to taxpayers who overpaid California in 2008. If you do not live in California, you are now hearing about it … be glad you don’t live in California. Basically this is how it [...]

Supreme Court Overturns Bush v. Gore

| December 10, 2008

ShareWASHINGTON—In an unexpected judicial turnaround, the Supreme Court this week reversed its 2000 ruling in the landmark case of Bush v. Gore, stripping George W. Bush of his earlier political victory, and declaring Albert Arnold Gore the 43rd president of the United States of America. The court, which called its original decision to halt manual [...]

Hope vs. Fear

| November 4, 2008

Share My take on this year’s election results is that a Message of Hope won out over a Message of Fear. Regardless of whether or not the hopeful promises made by President Barack Obama are carried out, the overwhelming response to his message of hope is an indicator of what people are looking for and [...]

Questions Never to Ask

| November 4, 2008

Share Who did you vote for for president? Bonus Never to Ask Question, if you’re in California, did you vote Yes or No on Prop 8? For the real brave-at-heart, regarding the above questions, why?

Really!? You Need an Assault Weapon?

| October 30, 2008

Share I heard today that assault weapon sales have ski-rocketed out of fear that when Obama is elected president the ban on such weapons will be reinstated. Assault rifles are flying off the shelves. Every assault rifle that leaves the store is accompanied by cases of ammunition (about 1,000 individual rounds per case). The stated [...]

Same-Sex Marriage, Prop 8, and Jesus’ Words

| October 21, 2008

Share I am amazed. Since California legalized same-sex marriages in May, 2008 and an estimated 22,000 people of the same sex have wed…our social world and order hasn’t collapsed or fallen apart, as some feared it would. In fact, I have hardly noticed any difference in life at all, except the amount of money and [...]

Decided or Undecided Poll—2008 Presidential Election Between McCain, Obama, and a Few Others

| October 19, 2008

Share So here is my first stab at the new WordPress poll feature. With the 2008 presidential election just weeks away (November 4 to be exact), I’m curious. Have you decided or are you undecided as to which candidate you are voting for? It is sad that the race is really between two people, Senator [...]

Can We Vote Already?

| October 18, 2008

Share I am in agreement with Ryan. A root canal while watching Ann of Green Gables seems more pleasant than two more weeks of pre-election build up and coverage. Can we vote already and be done with it? Anyone else in ageement? I wish California had early voting options like some other states. But nope…so [...]

The Second 2008 Presidential Debate — Answer the Questions!

| October 8, 2008

Share Was it just me or did the candidates not answer the questions they were asked? They would give a one-sentence nod then quickly move onto their pre-planned spiel. I would hear a question from the undecided audience, think, “Ooooo, that’s a good question!” and lean closer to the TV with my ears inclined to [...]

The First 2008 Presidential Debate — Eye Contact?

| September 27, 2008

Share Was it just me, or did McCain never make eye contact with Obama during the debate? Even when they first shook hands in the beginning, McCain looked down and away. He did make a few passing glances, but my observation was that he was not intentional about making eye contact with Obama. I liked [...]

Go Vote 2: My Story Voting as a Non-Declared

| February 5, 2008

Share Super Tuesday……(11am) So I go my little sticker, but not without its difficulties. I walked into my local polling place (which happened to be my son’s school—how convenient is that?) and told the name-lookup-girl my name, “Jeromy Johnson.” She began looking through the binder. …looking…looking…looking…“You said it was Jeromy or Gregory?” “Jeromy, Jeromy Johnson”…looking…looking…looking…“Oh, [...]

Go Vote!

| February 5, 2008

Share Today is Super Tuesday. If you live in the 22 states that are holding primaries today, don’t forget to vote. I’m going right now to vote and get my little sticker……

Democrats Welcome Independent Wild-Cards; Republicans…Nope

| February 2, 2008

Share I am proud of my new political party. When I registered this year, I looked over the party choices that were presented. When I saw the one that best suited me, I checked it. I am now a proud card-carrying member of the “Decline to State” party. Some like being associated with a certain [...]