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15 Signs You’re Dealing with One of God’s “Chosen”

It seems that since the release of Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins, other things have been released as well, namely an outbreak of very outspoken people who believe they are God’s chosen. As such, they have a mission to squash any person or argument that differs from their understanding of Jesus, God, man, sin, scripture, the afterlife, etc. etc. etc. How do you recognize God’s chosen Truth warriors? By how they think and what say using all sorts of media, but typically TV, radio, blogs and comment threads. Here are 15 signs that you’re dealing with one of the “chosen”:

  • Others who don’t agree with me are unbiblical while I am always biblical.
  • The original Greek/Hebrew is never pulled out to support other people’s point, but always my own.
  • Others who come to different conclusions than me while reading the same Bible are twisting scripture, while I always know and speak the “untwisted” version.
  • Satan has blinded the minds of others when they do not see things they way I see them. My mind is never blinded.
  • If anyone strongly disagrees with what I believe then they are a Heretic.
  • Any verbal Christian who disagrees with what I think scripture says is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • The gospel that I preach is always the same gospel that Paul preached. Anyone who differs from what I preach is preaching a different gospel than Paul and is therefore an anathema and cursed.
  • If I can use more words (the bigger the better) than others in a comment thread, I win.
  • If anyone sways from the penal substitution theory of atonement, then they do not believe in the Jesus or God of the Bible.
  • Orthodox belief is always what I believe.
  • Others are on slippery slopes, not me.
  • I have a pure reading and understanding of scripture; my opinion, preferences, culture, personal beliefs and upbringing have absolutely no influence in my biblical understanding.
  • I am always part of God’s in-crowd.
  • There is an absolute Truth, and I know it. Anyone who disagrees with me is believing and speaking lies. Satan has deceived them.
  • In the end, me and my God will win. You’ll see.

Frankly, as soon as I sense I am trying to converse with such a person, I try to quickly and politely bow out of the conversation. I can answer every question they ask, I can support every point with scripture, I can write and write and write for months. And it won’t matter. They will always be right and I will always be wrong, regardless. Re-gard-less. And that is OK. As my friend Jonathan says, “As always, you are welcome to disagree.” And I need to continue to keep Chad’s words in front of me.

I have better things to do with my time. More importantly, I have people in my life that I cannot allow this person to rob time and energy from.

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Jeromy Johnson
I live in Folsom, CA, with my wife, Jennifer, and three kids. I am surrounded by and cared for deeply by some great friends. Their love for me is truly a moonlit reflection of Papa's love, and for that, I am deeply blessed and grateful.


  • Stephen Amsden

    Thanks, Jeromy.
    Well said!

  • Geoff

    it seems to me that there is a strong contentious mentality in the church today. The availability and ease of voicing our opinions has caused great divisions amoung our brothers and sisters. I appreciate your article

  • Robin

    Hah, I think I may know what you mean :-D

  • Maximus

    God’s chosen? Are we not all God’s chosen? Does God rank his children by the level of understanding of the scriptures? Or is it the pureness of the soul? The quality of your thoughts and deeds will determine who is chosen, if there is such a process; not who can score more points mind wrestling over scriptures. So, well said Jeromy.

  • http://www.jeromyj.com/mendingshift Jeromy

    I agree, Geoff. Though the ease maybe has not caused the division, it has definitely caused it to grow at worst, shed light on it at best.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1388514701 Greg Dill

    I hate to be critical, but I see these things to be more prevalent amongst a certain segment of the Evangelical community. Primarily amongst those who espouse a Reformed Theology view, and those who love John MacArthur, better known as MacArthurites. These two groups claim to have all authority over what is orthodox and what is absolute truth. Everyone else is a heretic.

  • http://www.jeromyj.com/mendingshift Jeromy

    But who’s naming names ;-) The thing is, this could apply to many groups, and sometimes even me. I point it out so we can be aware of the attitude and recognize it, not only in others, but also in ourselves.

  • jem64

    Wonderfully said. Boy! is this ever true.

  • Philprof

    You mean you don’t enjoy repeatedly banging your head against a brick wall? I do that all the time…

  • http://www.jeromyj.com/mendingshift Jeromy

    Yea, no. I prefer padded walls.

  • Tlcowoooo

    Very true. Went through this with Todd Bentley’s organization. So glad he was exposed for the fraud that he is!

  • Suzy

    I have ran into to this type on FB quite often. Thank God in Jesus for His word. Jesus is Peace. No Peace no Jesus. Jesus is Love. No Love no Jesus. Whatever they are saying it there is no love and no Peace, there is no Jesus.

  • http://www.jeromyj.com/mendingshift Jeromy

    All, here is a perfect example of the above post. Read the comment thread here:


  • http://www.traceygzoeller.com TGZoeller

    This makes me think of a quote I love by Leo Tolstoy: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”    

  • Anonymous

     Nice Jeremy.  I think I have been in conversations recently with folks like this.  One actually told be I read the Bible too much and I think about it too much.  That you shouldn’t have to think to read the Bible.  

  • Emmanuelle

    Brilliant! I wish I had written this … (Actually I’ve been saying this over and over to certain people, but they never listen … !) Thank you so much. I have shared this with fb friends and subscribed … A kindred spirit! Also LOVE the letter to LGBT’s … <3

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree! Well said! Honestly, I am always shocked by those who can say w/o any question that THEY know God’s mind, heart, words etc. I don’t. I can admit that. I can also admit that I think two people can read the same thing in the bible and come away with two very different interpretations. But I am honestly willing to listen and ask honest questions about what’s said because I KNOW I don’t have the answers. I believe what I do, because it’s what I have been taught. But I fear talking about some of those questions on my own site because I can’t answer the questions that are asked and I don’t want to bring on attacks by people. I am working on that issue w/i myself.

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  • Sjenkins407

    I gree 100% the ungodly will always disagree with GOD’S Righteous truth cuz they no not the LORD they are under saten whom decieves the truth, but God reveals all truth!

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